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Together with our design colleagues and clients, we create landscapes that are not merely "nice." Rather, they are essential places for making great communities and cities. It is important to make places—spaces that are full of potentials for everyday life and for making people's lives better. Sometimes this can be accomplished in small, mundane ways—like giving them an oasis within the city or mediating a problem or space between disagreeing parties. Sometimes this means changing people's lives in fundamental ways—like how they experience nature or their community or how they perceive their places within the world. Seen as an infrastructure—a basic necessity that is necessary for communal living and serves the common good—landscape architecture can make wonderful things happen. Making places requires rigorous attention to everything within them, and we ensure that everything fits together in integrated and mutually supportive ways—not only plants but also buildings, municipal infrastructures of all sorts, budgets, maintenance, politics, ecological systems, and people.

We believe that every design is an opportunity for making something wonderful in the world, which takes a collaborative partnership between client, designers/artists, engineers, officials, contractors, environmental consultants, economists, historians, and other specialists specific to the project. Knowing when to lead and when to follow and when to mediate is key. Therefore, we see our primary job as one of creatively framing a project so that we can, together, produce projects that are delivered on time, within budget, pleasant to be a part of developing, economically successful, and perhaps most importantly, once constructed, simply wonderful.

We look forward to hearing about your needs and working with you to create exemplary and dynamic places.

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