Principal • Registered Landscape Architect • LEED AP

Through her twenty-five years of collegiate teaching and professional practice, Kathy Poole has developed a national reputation for her inquiry, expertise, and passion for creating sustainable landscapes that integrate both technical and design excellence. One of her specialties is integrating ecology and design toward projects that both regenerate ecological systems and connect people to landscapes in engaging and beautiful ways. Her primary vehicle is combining urban and green infrastructures in unique ways that benefit the projects’ aesthetics, functionality, and budgets.

Ms. Poole’s second passion is history. In order for landscapes to be places, they must be situated within their historical contexts, making relationships between what the landscape was, what it is, and what it will be. This does not mean necessarily replicating a past state of the site. Instead, we carefully construct a framework for understanding each of the site’s different aspects and how they should be retained or transformed to its contemporary context. We embrace a view of history that is not static but alive and vital—true to important generative principles and also responsive to its contemporary contexts. By remaining attentive to both natural and cultural history, Ms. Poole works to maintain and/or restore the authenticity of each landscape–delivering projects that are truly unique and convey a memorable sense of place.

Due to her cross-disciplinary expertise in architecture, landscape, and ecology, Ms. Poole is often called upon to act as mediator and facilitator among team members and between client and user groups. Whether in Baltimore or in teams across the country, she creates a design environment that allows various disciplines and expertise to find common ground and more innovative solutions. Her work as communicator between design team and community help garner support and establish trust in otherwise contentious contexts.

Ms. Poole’s design work is award winning and critically acclaimed, and her essays and designs have been published at home and abroad. And her investigatory mappings have been exhibited across the country.

A popular speaker and charrette/public outreach facilitator, Ms. Poole has been invited to lecture at over a dozen universities and numerous conferences both within the US and abroad, among them USGBC’s Greenbuild, ASLA Annual Meetings, Congress for the New Urbanism, the Society for College and University Planning, and the Society for Ecological Restoration.


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