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These phrases convey the sensibility that POOLE DESIGN will bring to your project. We bring discipline-specific and specialized expertise but also possess cross-over knowledge that supports solutions that are simultaneously more comprehensive and more discriminating. Firmly committed to collaborative teamwork, we care little for parsing what is architecture, civil, or landscape, as they all contribute and should result in a holistic product that we always figure out ways to execute together.



Kathy Poole, Founding Principal, leads every project, no matter the size, lending her project management and public speaking skills when they are (inevitably) required for projects in which the public is a stakeholder or is affected. Experience counts when mediating challenging opposition and finding common ground for moving a project forward. It is also important because we believe that you have to be intrepid in your design ideas, willing to put forward non-formulaic ones and even to tell your client when he/she is, perhaps, not seeing the greater potential. At the same time, we are careful to be prudent, suggesting only what is politically and economically feasible.

The firm is passionate about design and devoted to excellence. Consequently, it is selective about projects, taking only what it can devote its full energies within necessary time frames, remain responsive to its colleagues and clients, and maintain the rigor and intensity that creative design demands.

POOLE DESIGN, Landscape Architecture • Urban Design • Ecological Infrastructure, is a full-service design firm, offering professional services at all stages of a project’s development, from programming, analysis, and master planning through construction documentation and administration. It has executed multi-disciplinary projects with construction budgets of up to $130 million with civil/landscape budgets of approximately $10 million. It has collaborated on, authored, and/or produced dozens of master plans, participated in approximately a dozen downtown design, management, and revitalization projects, and run public meetings that included hundreds of participants. The firm’s expertise areas include landscape design, community planning & design, ecological analysis, integrating natural systems with development, interpretive landscapes, and high performance infrastructure. Go to Profiles for a more complete list of the firm’s capabilities.

POOLE DESIGN is a licensed landscape architectural practice in Maryland, and maintains general liability insurance of over $2 million. The home office is Baltimore, but most of the firm’s work has been elsewhere, from California to South Carolina, Idaho to Texas, and Massachusetts to Florida. Such a range is good for building repertoires and familiarity with numerous ecosystems.

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