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The Life of Water
at the University of Virginia

Exploring the Value of Water and the Mapping of Wet Lands

The mappings began in 1997 as a way of understanding the University
of Virginia Grounds and Charlottesville. Four 4' x 5' watercolor mappings, historical images, some topographic models, and a three-dimensional construction (along with a lecture) toured the country:

University of Virginia, Cornell University, California Polytechnical University, Pomona, University of Colorado, Boulder/Denver, University of Texas, Arlington, Ball State University, and Rutgers University.

Why water? I continue to find reasons and fascinations for no reasons. Yet, by 2002, I had collected 30 that I think are interesting enough to share. Some are mundane and nothing special graphically. Some I consider quite successful. All included here have some value that I find applicable to my work as a practitioner in just about every project.



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