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    Marginal Landscapes As Critical Infrastructure: Boston's Back Bay Fens. 2000. Published in the Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, Los Angeles, CA, 10-14 April 2000.     Wet Lands: Civic Stormwater + Contingent Spaces, Land Forum 06 2000, Unbuilt Landscapes issue.
    1999 Critic at Large : "Civic Hydrology: Defining Public Ground in Frederick, Maryland," Landscape Architecture Magazine, June.
    "Civic Hydrology: Water as Civic Infrastructure in Bellevue, Washington," Arcade, A Journal for Architecture and Design in the Northwest, Fall 2000, vol. 19-1.
    "Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial: Review of Two Publications and Critical Review of Memorial," Land Forum , inaugural issue 01, 1999.     "Civitas Oecologie: Civic Infrastructure in the Ecological City," Harvard Architecture Review.1998. Edited by Theresa Genovese, Linda Eastley, and Deanna Snyder. Princton Architectural Press: New York. Accepted for publication January 1995.
    Eco-Revelatory Design: Nature Constructed / Nature Revealed, Special Issue 1998 Landscape Journal, pp. 52-68. Discussion of "Wet Lands: Civic Stormwater + Contingent Spaces, Carr's Hill University of Virginia."     "Building Ecological Understandings In Studio: A Repertoire for a Well-Crafted Learning Experience," Kathy Poole, primary author, with Susan Galatowitsch, Robert Grese, Douglas Johnston, J. Timothy Keller, Lee R. Skabelund, Carl Steinitz, Joan Woodward, David Richey.