Cadwalader Park • Trenton, New Jersey

Cadwalader Park was designed in 1891 by Frederick Law Olmsted and is a National Historic Register park. Having suffered through several decades of decline due to funding cutbacks and changes in use, Cadwalader is currently undergoing a restoration effort. The design team was charged with developing a Master Planting Plan that would adapt the original design intent of the 1891 Olmsted plan to current needs and conditions. The team, led by March Associates, planned to accomplish its intentions by focusing on restoring long vistas, shaping spaces with plants, and creating moods in the landscape (exploiting the “narrative power” of the landscape, as Olmsted described it). One of the primary strategies was one of carefully editing mature plants, based on assessments by arborists Paul Cowie & Associates.

The team sought to develop the Master Planting Plan by working from the 1999 Master Plan, specifically to clarity the position expressed in the Master Plan on the meanings and techniques of “historical restoration” and applying more detailed and specific understandings of Olmsted principles and techniques.

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