ACID MINE DRAINAGE GARDEN • University of Virginia at Wise, Virginia


The legacy of coal mining in the Appalachians is rich and fascinating part of our cultural history. It has also produced unfortunate environmental problems that await remeditation, namely acid mine drainage pollution. On the grounds of the University of Virginia at Wise, there was just such a site. In a project led by T. Allan Comp and the Appalachian Coal Country Watershed Team, Kathy Poole acted as landscape architect to not only remedy the water problems but also provided a woodland-wetland garden and ecological research site for the University. Ms. Poole collaborated with multiple Federal, State, and local watershed groups to design an interpretive Acid Mine Drainage treatment facility that is as much a garden as an engineering effort. Volunteers planted the ponds and banks. Post-installation monitoring demonstrates the garden’s effectiveness in cleaning the acid mine drainage.

SIZE: Approximately 8 acres
SERVICES: Landscape Architecture Design and Construction Guidelines
PARTNERS: Multidisciplinary Design Team Led by T. Allan Comp (

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