Part of California's San Joaquin Valley's agricultural center, Visalia's landscape has a rich agricultural legacy and a series of complex irrigation laws. The area is also under the relatively recent threat of sprawl development. The Specific Plan counters this trend by establishing varying intensities of development and an interconnected network of roads in ways that protect large stands of historic oak trees and integrate sustainable architecture, landscape, and neighborhood stormwater strategies. Kathy Poole, working as part of the design team led by Moule + Polyzoides Architects and Urbanists, focused on integrating progressive stormwater management, ecological restoration/preservation, and public landscapes of a range of natural and manicured aesthetics. Her efforts included redesigning the site's existing irrigation channel's banks in ways that increase biological complexity and diversity while maintaining its existing water supply and storage obligations. Her efforts enabled a series of connected landscapes that unify the six neighborhoods and distinguish the community in its landscape aesthetics and habitat value.

CLIENT: City of Visalia
SIZE: 850 acres
SERVICES: Landscape Architecture, Conceptual Stormwater + Restoration Strategies, Public Presentations Site Planning Contributions
PARTNERS: Multidisciplinary Design Team Led by Moule & Polyzoides, Architects + Urbanists
IMAGE CREDITS: Perspective by Xiaojian He / Moule & Polyzoides, Architects & Urbanists (

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