The conceptual project proposes that a landscape can be as much of a performance space as the cultural institutions that it supports. The plaza is a stage, complete with "runway" and "proscenium. Drivers enter the landscape around a fountain court and continue into the underground parking structure below the Performing Arts Center. After parking people emerge from the garage literally within a fountain and pool that are designed to be active participants in this landscape stage. The fountains are also a stage for children's play in summer and ice sculpture court in winter. People may saunter through the landscape to the long, thin Art Gallery that is nestled within the interior of the space and within the horizontal forms of the cherry tree canopy. The Art Gallery is placed at this upper level to correspond to the metro rail line at the southern frontage of the plaza. The plaza "runway" continues almost uninterrupted into the Theatre lobby as it swoops up into the building.

PARTNER: John Easterling, Architecture

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