Sunland Park, New Mexico, is uniquely located in one of the largest US-Mexican cross border regions of El Paso-Ciudad Juarez, and its environmental, regulatory, fiscal challenges are legion. Ms. Poole worked with Moule & Polyzoides, Architects and Urbanists, to develop a town revitalization and neighborhood development plan that reversed what were viewed as constraints into a framework with immediate benefits and long term growth. Ms. Poole focused on restoring wetlands along the Rio Grande River corridor as a component for reorienting the town toward its greatest asset—the River. As part of the New Urbanist-based project, she developed parks, bridging concepts, and public squares that brought the city to the River. She worked with other team members to preserve “brownbelts” of desert grasslands that functioned as public landscapes linking Mt. Cristo Rey to the river, forming a linked, experientially and ecologically-rich pedestrian system and landscape transect.

CLIENT: City of Sunland Park
SIZE: 3,000 acres
SERVICES: Landscape Architecture, Conceptual Stormwater + Restoration Strategies, Public Presentations Site Planning Contributions
PARTNERS: Multidisciplinary Design Team Led by Moule & Polyzoides, Architects + Urbanists
IMAGE CREDITS: Perspective by Xiaojian He / Moule & Polyzoides, Architects & Urbanists (

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