The San Antonio River extends far past the historic River Walk that most tourists enjoy, and it presents significant opportunities to revitalize a very large area of the city. The challenge is to extend the walk without trivializing the historic landscape by copying it or treating it as false history. As part of the Moule & Polyzoides Architects team, Ms. Poole worked with landscape architect David Schneider to develop a comprehensive landscape design strategy and varied palette of public spaces. She and Mr. Schneider designed neighborhood and regional parks, plazas, squares, gardens, and stormwater management landscapes for the range of urban contexts within the master plan area, including an interstate exchange. Ms. Poole focused intently on the historic San Antonio Riverside area, integrating sustainable design strategies and ecological restoration techniques into the proposed new development and redevelopment projects. In 2008 the project received the Congress of the New Urbanism’s Charter Award, commended as a pioneer in developing mixed-use, walkable landscapes.

CLIENT: Downtown San Antonio Community Development Corporation and the City of San Antonio
SIZE: 375 acres
SERVICES: Ecological Planning, Civic Spaces Design, Streetscape Design, Conceptual Stormwater Design, general planning contribution to project leaders
PARTNERS: Moule & Polyzoides, Architects and Urbanists, Project Leader; Stefanos Polyzoides, lead designer; David Sargent, project director (Sargent Town Planning/www.sargenttownplanning.com); David Schneider, Landscape Architecture co-designer
STATUS: Adopted 2009
PERSPECTIVE DRAWINGS: Xiaojian He, Moule & Polyzoides Architects (www.mparchitects.com)

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