Excerpt material from Master Plan Report • PDF  

Developed in a close collaboration between SERC scientists and staff and Smithsonian officials, the Master Plan was developed collaboratively by POOLE DESIGN and EwingCole. It will also be a model for incorporating heavy public access and outreach within an ecologically sensitive and historically/archaeologically important site that includes Native American middens, a 19th c. homestead, dairy operation artifacts, an antebellum farm site, and an historic wharf site—in addition to water and forest research sites. These objectives were accomplished by 1) articulating a coordinated, site-wide infrastructure strategy and 2) clustering program into distinct nodes that facilitate visitor management, protect site resources, and permit incremental development of the plan.

CLIENT: Smithsonian Institution Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
SIZE: 2,650 acres
SERVICES: Master Plan, including building locations, landscape design, infrastructure systems, visitor facilities, educational programming, landscape management, research protection strategies, archaeological and cultural landscape treatments, historical landscape interpretation, performance guidelines, and detailed programming, phasing plan, and estimated budget
CREDITS: PDF summary of Master Plan Report prepared by EwingCole (www.ewingcole.com) See button at top right of page

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