ETM Associates sought to enhance its Visual Assessment and Treatment
for vegetative screening of a transmission line from drivers' view as they traveled the Garden State Parkway with additional ecosystem and habitat enhancement planting strategies. Kathy Poole led this effort with a team that consisted of scientists and ecological restoration specialists, sought to make the replanting effort more ecologically robust by ensuring the ability of the native forest to maintain a healthy successional trajectory and self-maintenance regime to the highest degree possible. Toward that end, the team devised tiered categories of intensities in treatment and community types that could be matched to ecosystems along the Parkway: Regulatory Standard Planting; Upland and Wetland (Palustrine) Forest Planting; and Atlantic White Cedar Community Planting. The plan included species lists and dominance, stem densities, and a cost estimate.

CLIENT: Atlantic City Electric Co. and ETM Associates, LLC
SERVICES: Planting Treatment Strategies Development and Report
PARTNERS: Biohabitats, Inc. (ecology), Ecological Restoration and Management (assistance with cost estimating)


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