A multidisciplinary team sponsored by the Organization of American States studied the tourism investment opportunities of Cap Haitien, the historic French provincial capital and a city rich in historic architecture and home to the the monumental historic construction of Sans Souci and the grand, hilltop Citadel. The team, led by T. Allan Comp, consisted of a marketing analyst, a publicist, two historic architecture specialists, and two landscape architects. Kathy Poole, firmly believing that no tourism would occur until the sewage and drainage problems were addressed, focused on way to economically accomplish these improvements in ways that were sustainable and could also provide desperately needed public landscapes: Simply constructed walkways over gutters; Sewage Treatment Gardens that treat way through natural processes of plants; and Linear Parks that convey stormwater, treat it through plant processes and contain seating and lighting to aid student's studying in a place where the homes have limited electrical supply.



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