The public landscape of Green Meadows West was a fallow field left amid the housing that is developing around it. The design articulates a plan that restores the landscape’s healthy ecological functions. The ‘open space’ is filled with native plants harvested from adjacent land and strategically placed to provide ecological and functional benefits to residents. The plan draws upon knowledge of landscape ecology which identifies the importance of connectivity of landscape habitats and structure for maintaining healthy ecological functions. Since the site’s constructed drainageways connect to a river and floodplain directly adjacent to the site, ensuring that the water is filtered of pollutants from the site is critical. Plus, the drainageways present excellent opportunities to serve as the main armature for the connective corridors. Kathy Poole at the SWA Group, Inc.




Playground nestled into topography

Playground protected by evergreen trees
Original drainage swale condition

Drainage swale after planting
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