The purpose of the plan was to establish a coordinated development strategy for the area designated as a Major Employment Center immediately to the east of Interstate 75 and Fruitville Road, an area consisting of five major parcels currently in private ownership. The plan also included a 42-acre site owned by Sarasota County and managed as a major, regional stormwater treatment facility, public recreation area, and international tourist destination for birders. The plan is intended to establish standards and create incentives for the incremental realization of a finely grained pattern of economically significant and ecologically responsible development. It is a plan that integrates the interests of public and private property owners in the context of the goals and principles of sustainability articulated in the County's established policies. The plan was adopted unanimously by the County Board of Commissioners, ending years of discussion regarding appropriate development for the area.

SIZE: 346 Acres
SERVICES: Site Planning, Landscape Design, Collaborative Development of Stormwater Concepts
PARTNERS: Multidisciplinary Design Team Led by Moule & Polyzoides, Architects + Urbanists (, particularly Steve Suau / Progressive Water Resources
IMAGE CREDITS: Perspective Drawings by Phil Hamilton (top) and Xioajian He (below)


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