Existing condition of Frankford Estates Square before installation of new design

POOLE DESIGN's work on the project began as a mediation effort between the Frankford Estates Community, the City of Baltimore Department of Public Works, and engineers for an area-scale stormwater wetland design within the Frankford Community. Kathy Poole listened to the thoughtful and caring community's concerns and then worked with all parties to devise a solution that meets the community's needs while accommodating the stormwater management needs of the City.

Part of the solution included the retrofit of a failed stormwater management facility into a new public green located in the center of Frankford Estates. Replacing an unsightly and empty space will be a grove of crape myrtles, tightly spaced to form a continuous canopy in just a few short years and exploding in color in late summer. The space is lined with an evergreen hedge punctuated by columnar evergreen trees. The community center side of the green will be edged by a bulb garden packed with flowers that burst in the late winter and early spring.

CLIENT: City of Baltimore
SIZE: 144 acres
SERVICES: Landscape Architecture, Community Mediation
PARTNERS: Dewberry (engineering)
STATUS: Undergoing Regulatory Review

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