Coverdale Farm Preserve, under the leadership of the Delaware Nature Society, is embarking upon a new venture that will catapult its almost 20-year history of stewarding a landscape from degradation toward regeneration. Within its 356 acres of farmland, native meadows, and various types of forests, Coverdale is uniquely positioned to tell the story of how food and farming impact the environment and how agriculture and eating can be part of constructive and even resilient solutions. POOLE DESIGN worked with the client to develop an articulated vision for how Coverdale can become a Mid-Atlantic leader in ecologically and socially regenerative agriculture and land stewardship practices:

• Articulated Vision, Mission, and set of Guiding Principles
• Comprehensive research and analysis of regional and area limitations and opportunities
• Extensive analyses of case studies that are relevant to Coverdale
• Comprehensive study of site characteristics, programs, staffing, and regulatory requirements
• Developed Site Plan, articulating built components, landscape development, circulation, and program uses
• Adaptive reuse plans for existing structures, including conceptual architectural plans for select proposals
• Proposed programs, including the extension of current programs and the development of new programs
• Organizational Structure of staffing for a fully implemented Master Plan
• Guidelines for Land Management, Facilities Management, and Sustainability
• Developed rough order of magnitude cost estimate for all proposed components
• Phasing Plan and outline structures for funding.

CLIENT: Delaware Nature Society
SIZE: 356 acres
SERVICES: Master Plan, including building locations, landscape design, infrastructure systems, visitor facilities, educational programming, landscape management, staffing structure, phasing plan, and rough order of magnitude budget
PARTNERS: EwingCole Architects; Metropolitan Research + Economics; Robert Pass & Associates
CREDITS: Perspective renderings by Dede Christopher, Christopher Illustrations


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