Winner, Pinnacle Award 2001

Before May 2000 the Downtown Center was a barren space that was primarily for cars and a transfer station for buses (See photo immediately below this paragraph). The space was made more attractive with the wonderful mural honoring Bristol as the Birthplace of Country Music (which even Nashville acknowledges as true). Yet, it remained a dead space in the middle of the city's main street. The project was an outgrowth of the Bristol Downtown Framework Plan (click to view more), which identified the need for a major project to catalyze downtown revitalization. Kathy Poole worked with town officials to implement a “Downtown Market”—a public space that is simultaneously Transit Center, farmer's market, and civic square where people can gather for a music pickin' (spontaneous performances), and enjoy the Southern hospitality that is Bristol. With a limited investment of $30,000, the design had to be an innovative one, and Ms. Poole and client worked to identify salvaged and donated materials and could construct only what city staff was available and able to complete. The umbrellas will be reused for festival events associated with Bristol's famed NASCAR track and events. The investment was successful in helping to revive downtown and secure additional funding.

Photo Above: Before Redevelopment

CLIENT: Bristol Department of Planning (Tennessee)
SIZE: Approximately 1.5 acres
SERVICES: Design, Construction Sketch, Coordination
with City Staff to Realize Construction
PARTNERS: John Easterling, Architect
IMAGE CREDITS: Jenny Cox (quartet below)

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