Adjacent to Lower Petroglyphs National Monument, the 1500-acre New Urbanist development is located within a sacred and beautiful landscape. As part of the Moule & Polyzoides urban design team, Ms. Poole worked with the client and local civil engineers to preserve the desert grasslands of the project, particularly the arroyos that are the traditional drainage features of this landscape, the intentions of which extend beyond the project—hopefully, to establish a notable precedent within the region for preserving these key ecological and culturally significant landscapes. Ms. Poole also developed a design to transform a series of unsightly drainage basins (locally called “alien landing craters”) into a new kind of public park. Both efforts demonstrate how drainage infrastructures can be designed as major public amenities that help preserve natural landscapes and connect people to the places that they live.

CLIENT: Westland Development Company
SIZE: 1,500 acres
SERVICES: Landscape Architecture, Conceptual Stormwater + Restoration Strategies, Public Presentations Site Planning Contributions
PARTNERS: Multidisciplinary Design Team Led by Moule & Polyzoides, Architects + Urbanists

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